Mona Lisa Gone l Feature Film

Based on a true story: the ingenious swindle and unforgivable betrayal that made Mona Lisa a household name.

Genre: Drama l Crime

Log line: A poor museum worker tries to change his life forever by stealing the Mona Lisa, only to be swindled out of everything by a brilliant con man he must outsmart and outmaneuver.

Pitch: The Da Vinci Code meets The Talented Mr Ripley.

Plot summary:

1911, Paris. Vincenzo, a poor Italian worker at the Louvre, seizes the opportunity to change his life forever by stealing the Mona Lisa. He pulls off the crime of the century only to be swindled and out of everything by the brilliant mastermind Count Valfierno.

Penniless and tormented by the woman he holds captive, manipulated and betrayed by those he trusts, Vincenzo must find the courage and cunning to dispose of Mona Lisa and out maneuver the authorities.

The art theft of 1911 is a thrilling story which made Mona Lisa a worldwide celebrity

Fact: No painting in the world is as loved, viewed and merchandised .